Prayer Schedule
Prayer: Iqamah Time
Fajr: 06:15am
Zuhr: 01:30pm
Asr: 05:00pm
Maghrib: 10 min after Sunset
Isha: 8:30pm

Friday Schedule:
Date1st Shift
2nd Shift
3rd Shift
9/2/2016Waleed ElhentatyWaleed ElhentatyNigel Edwards
9/9/2016Salman AqeelAbdullah KhadrahIssam Elbaytam
9/16/2016Ammar AyeshAhmed KhalilHazem Daher
9/23/2016Iyad HindiSameh MobarekNigel Edwards
9/30/2016Salman AqeelAhmed KhalilAbdul Mateen
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Deah Barakat Youth Basketball Championship Tournament 2016
Triangle Muslims is organizing the 'Deah Barakat Youth Basketball Championship Tournament 2016', starting Sat Oct 29th through Sat Dec 17th. Registration is now open for all girls and boys ages 7 to 18 years. Early registration costs for the 8-week program is $25 per person. For details, visit

JOB Opportunity: MYCC office manager
Please Click Here for the MYCC office manager job opening details. Deadline to apply for this job is Friday, October 14th, 2016.

MYCC/NRM Project Update
With the blessing of Allah and the kind help from two prominent investors in the community, the Muslim Youth and Community Center
has closed the purchase of a 12 acre piece of land on US401. The location is premium right inside the I-540 beltway at
5520 Louisburg Rd.  After a thorough investigation, the land does not have any environmental or zoning issues and has a long frontage on US-401.

MYCC is a one-third owner in a venture to include the construction of a masjid and community center and a number of residential homes for the community.

The purchase is great blessing from Allah and is the culmination of a dream of a small residential community for Muslims anchored by a
Masjid and Youth Center. The road ahead is long and we need the support of each and every one of you with dua’a, donations and
suggestions. The MYCC board will provide many updates with site plans and architectural designs to keep you posted of our progress
and needs over the coming months inshallah. The land needs to be developed and connected with utilities before we can start
any significant work, we expect the initial work to be done within 6-9 months inshallah. In the mean time we invite you to visit the site
and take a look.

We thank Allah for his blessings and all of those who worked hard to get us here.


  • Five (5) daily prayers
  • 2 shifts for Jumu’ah
History of North Raleigh Masjid:
The North Raleigh Masjid was established in 2006. The current rented location was an office space which was converted to a prayer hall by demolishing walls and other structures. Most North Raleigh community members previously attended the Islamic Center of Raleigh (IAR), but felt the need for a Masjid in the North Raleigh area for convenience and new resources amid the rapidly expanding community. In addition to uniting the Muslim community and reaching out to non-Muslims, they wanted to have the resources to educate their youth with the Islamic Tenets according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Since the Masjid has opened, there has been a humongous boost of people attending the Masjid over the past three years. We have, since, started having two Friday Prayer shifts due to the overcrowding.

North Raleigh Masjid openly welcomes Muslims from all over the world and we also invite anyone who is interested in The Islamic Faith. Arabic and English are the primary languages used in worship. In addition to the five daily and Friday prayers, Quran classes for children, weekly Halaqas and community events are part of regular activities. Also, during Ramadan there is Taraweeh prayer and a community Iftaar.

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